Dr. Robert Lewis Author, Speaker, and Founding Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church · Little Rock, Arkansas

“Alexis Ware has a powerful message every tennager needs to hear and a powerful life to back it up. I highly recommend her…” Fellowship Bible Church

Matt Mosler, KARK-TV · CrossHeirs Ministries · Little Rock, AR

“Sex is not an easy topic to share with middle and high school students — but it needs to be done — and I've seen few, if any, do it better than Alexis Ware.

Matt Mosler from KARK-TV

Wow! Talk about your shock value. Alexis' talk is absolutely riveting and so hopeful! She not only shares frankly about her experiences, or the lack thereof, but she goes right to the heart and soul of a generation of kids trying to find their way in this world.

Alexis speaks in a way kids can understand and she has a remarkable gift for getting right down on their level but she doesn't leave them there. Her passion to guide young men and women to a life of purity and purpose regardless of their past is clearly evident.

I highly recommend you get Alexis Ware to speak to your school, church or youth group today!”

KARK-TV Crossheirs Ministries

Leigh Ann Rainey, Career Orientation Teacher · Bob Courtway Middle School

“Alexis 'from Texas' is a dynamic speaker who inspires our youth with her love of the game of life and basketball. Student's can't wait to get to class and hear her inspiring story of choices. She genuinely cares for teens and identifies with their trials of life. Her message is encouraging, challenging, and it motivates adolescents as well as adults.”

Pastor Harold Nash, Fellowship North · North Little Rock, AR

“Alexis doesn't just talk about living a sexually pure life, she lives it. When she speaks, students are drawn to her open and honest presentation.”

Fellowship North Church
Pastor Harold Nash of Fellowship North Church

Thelma Moton, Founder / CEO · Choosing to Excel

“Captivating, Creative, Electrifying, Heartfelt… Alexis is more than the messenger she becomes the message.

When it comes to impacting lives to make a positive difference with personal life stories, no one does it better. Alexis Ware is a master at hitting below the surface and causing her audience to capture the true essence of her message. I have watched young people become completely immersed to the point of going the extra mile to connect with her to further the discussion.

Alexis has been the number one and most sought after speaker of my speaker forum. For over 10 years Alexis has challenged young people to seriously consider the consequences of their choices by sharing her personal life journey. There are few, if any, that surpass her.”

Choosing to Excel
Thelma Moton, Founder / CEO of Choosing to Excel

Dana L. Thomas, COO / Executive Director · Kids Across America

“Alexis has a unique way of communicating to audiences of various ages blending humor, personal experience and the application of biblical truth to everyday life. Her journey has well qualified her to talk to women of all ages about God's purity design and His ability to keep you in the midst of a world of compromise.”

Kids Across America
Dana L. Thomas, COO / Executive Director of Kids Across America

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