When Alexis Ware speaks… they listen.

Because of your testimony of what you shared to my students, I decided that me and my boyfriend needed to stop shacking and get married.” Teacher
Thank you so much for coming to talk to our class about dating. I really respect you for being so open about your choices and helping other kids. I feel the same way about dating and you inspired me to stay strong in my decision.” Katie
I learned that I should remain abstinent until marriage. If I don't, I'm putting myself at the risk; at risk of an STD or getting a female pregnant. I also learned that I can control what I do, but I cannot control the consequences. For example, I can choose to have sex, but I cannot choose what will happen after that.” Jeremy

Thank you for being here with us and teaching us some important stuff about healthy and non-healthy relationships. It was really fun having you. I really liked it when we stood up for your wedding. I love to imagine things and I liked the part where you were singing one of my favorite songs. You were really awesome. Thank you again for being with us and I hope we will get to see you again.

P.S. If you were ever to get married I would like to design your wedding dress and plan the wedding for you.” Elsie
Thank you for coming and talking to us. We really enjoyed your presentation. I love how energetic you were through the whole thing. You definitely make a good point about having a healthy relationship rather then an unhealthy relationship. I could definitely hear your speech again.” Lakin
Thank you for coming to talk to our class. I thought a lot about your talk, and how right you are. I wish the "phone" would ring for everyone. I hope you come and continue to speak for years to come. What you talked about is really important and you make it entertaining. I hope you have a great day! I can't wait for that wedding invite.” Rebecca
Thank you for your taking your time to come and visit our school. I really believe you're doing a great thing by making change. I hope you have your dream wedding and the man of your dreams because you really deserve the best and your husband will be very blessed to have such an intelligent woman like you. You don't have to ever worry about not being the right mom, you will be the best!” Jalisa
I wanted to thank you for coming to talk to our class. Your lesson meant more to me than you'll ever know. I was feeling beat down and alone. You coming here and talking to us inspired me to not let things keep me down. It gave me the drive to keep doing right and most important to me is to stop letting others thoughts control me. I am the best β€œme” and I'm going to keep going. Thank you for that.” Chaney

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