Alexis Ware's Bio

Lessons for Life, Inc. was formed when founder Alexis Ware began to evaluate all her life experiences, and concluded that along the way she had somehow avoided some very destructive life experiences — and that in many cases — very influential people were key in helping shape her decisions and ultimately her character.

An old photograph of Alexis Ware playing basketball for Texas Tech

Through this process, Alexis landed on four important conclusions:

  1. Young people must be challenged with an opportunity to better themselves
  2. Many young people may not have relationships in their lives to help inform, equip and challenge them in positive ways
  3. She had been uniquelly equipped to relate to young people from various backgrounds
  4. Her own personal journey might be a source of inspiration and hope in making better life choices

The development of Lessons for Life really began when Alexis became a Christian back in High School, when her High School coach mentored her on and off the court. She helped Alexis realize she had a purpose in life and helped guide her to begin pursuing those things which would help her fulfill that purpose.

Upon receiving a full basketball scholarship to Texas Tech University, Alexis continued her involvement in organizations which encouraged individuals to serve the community. One in particular was Campus Crusade Texas Tech University Athletes in Action Kids Across America S.T.E.P. Ministries for Christ (CCC). Through this ministry, Alexis traveled throughout the U.S. and overseas (Brazil, Peru, Czechoslovakia, Moscow, Australia, and Canada) to play basketball with Athletes in Action (a ministry of CCC). Through her travels, Alexis spoke to audiences about her personal life story; shared how she came to know Jesus in a personal way and began to see young people respond in their own lives.

Later, Alexis directed an inner city kid’s camp for nine years for Kids Across America (KAA), also served as a counselor for two years. There, once again, Alexis was placed in a position to speak and encourage youth and young adults to make healthy choices regarding relationships and life. Little did Alexis know that she was already being groomed to launch Lessons for Life.

Upon moving to Little Rock, Alexis became a mentor through S.T.E.P. Ministries, conducting mentoring programs for youth and young adults for over eleven years. Once again, her influence and guidance helped hundreds of youth navigate those tough years and mature into balanced young adults.

Alexis’ message of truth, respect, discipline and healthy choices has helped transform hundreds and hundreds of young people. Now through Lessons for Life, she continues to see hearts and minds transformed as young people are equipped, informed and challenged to strive for excellence — powered through an understanding of life that only comes from the truth of Jesus Christ.

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